Quickfire : Soccer

In Person
Indoor & Outdoor
30 min - 2 H
Up to 100 guests


Experience Quickfire Soccer, an exhilarating tablet-based competitive team building activity where each team embodies a national FIFA World Cup selection. Strategize and invest wisely as you navigate through a series of challenges that test both mental acuity and physical prowess. Skilful talent management, effective communication, and strategic planning are pivotal to securing victory on the virtual pitch.


Quickfire Soccer stimulates innovative thinking and fosters effective communication through collaborative group challenges. Each task not only enhances team cohesion but also acknowledges individual skills, nurturing mutual trust and appreciation among team members.


Promote collaborative teamwork, effective risk assessment, and successful task completion while spotlighting individual capabilities. As teams progress through challenges, they build confidence in their abilities, strengthening team unity and fostering a supportive team culture.

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Key Outcomes