Flat Out Formula One

Indoor & Outdoor
2 - 3 hours


Discover an innovative experience where ingenuity meets sustainability with the design of a 4-wheeled, dirigible, and fully recyclable vehicle powered by human energy. This captivating challenge will inspire your collaborators to organize and collectively build an ambitious project, showcasing their problem-solving skills and teamwork abilities. Each team will embark on customizing a cardboard Formula 1 car that reflects your industry and products, within a friendly and inspiring environment. This exercise fosters creativity while enhancing cooperation, providing a platform where innovative ideas can thrive and where each participant can contribute meaningfully. Explore this unique adventure that not only promotes the physical construction of a vehicle but also strengthens bonds and explores new perspectives within your team.


Experience the creation of an eco-friendly vehicle and participate in an exhilarating race to showcase your ingenuity and teamwork spirit. Each stage, from design to the final race, promises full immersion in sustainable construction and effective collaboration.


Building eco-friendly vehicles while enhancing team cohesion through an exciting construction activity. Experience the thrill of creating something tangible while fostering innovation and collective creativity..

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Key Outcomes